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  • Hotel Petropavlovsk

    HOTELSHotel Petropavlovsk

    Located in the heart of the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in the building of Soviet-era close to the church of SS. Peter and Paul.

           Hotel Petropavlovsk is one of the oldest in the city and located in the center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In clear weather you can enjoy views of volcanoes and hills from your window! Guests can request a transfer to the airport, or met at the airport after arrival, and use the tourist office, located at the hotel, and choose from a variety of excursions and trips the most interesting. The hotel «Petropavlovsk» stopped the most distinguished guests of the city: the members of delegations from all around the world, kings and monarchs, as well as popular artists lived here during their visits to Kamchatka. The hotel has several restaurants where you can taste wonderful Pacific seafood, as well as enjoy the age-old Russian interiors.



    • restaurants
    • Wi-Fi
    • satellite TV
    • wellness center
    • taxi
    • excursions
    • business center
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    Moscow office

    pl. Tverskaya Zastava, 3, off.235
    (499) 250-93-47
    (499) 575-02-60

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    Kamchatka office

    sity Elizovo
    Zavoyko st., 6

    +7 924 689 25-55

    +7 (415-31)7-17-67 Daria