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  • Climbing the volcano Mutnovsky

    TOURS TO KAMCHATKASUMMER ON KAMCHATKAExcursions on KamchatkaClimbing the volcano Mutnovsky

    Cost for one person:
    85,00  €

    Mutnovskiy volcano located in 70 km south of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

    Climbing the volcano Mutnovsky

               1 or 2 days 
            Mutnovskiy volcano located in 70 km south of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. This volcano, along with volcanoes Gorely Vilyuchinsky, Asacha forms a complex array of mixed-age, with perhaps the most powerful on the Kamchatka Peninsula and in the world fumarole, mud fields and pulsing sources. Mutnovsky represented by four merged cones, one of whom, quite young — East, its peak is the highest point (2323 m). The main crater is possible to see steam-jet, fumaroles, whose outputs are framed by volcanic sulfur. On some of them are observed sulfur domes. 
            Mutnovskiy volcano presents a diverse set of volcanic manifestations, visiting these places can only be compared with a visit to the Valley of Geysers.
            Crater Mutnovsky is a geological monument of nature.
    Duration: 1 day, 2 days
    Dates: from 20 July to 30 September (two days)
              from 25 August to 30 September (one day)
    Arrival: Saturday, for organized groups on any day of the week
    Terms: Accommodation in tents.

    Meals: Chef prepares to open fire or gas stove, climbing on dry rations (sandwiches, juice, water, apple, chocolate). Tourists while climbing carry their backpacks, taking with him only dry rations and spare clothing.


    Day 1
    10:00 Departure by car to the Mutnovsky volcano, 112 km (4 hours). Putting up the tent camp. Walking through the neighborhood. Dinner. Overnight in tents.
    Car of the route runs south through Paratunskiye area and further up the valley of the river Paratunka. Climbing up the steep serpentine road in km altitude, the road comes to pass, which offers a magnificent view over the valley r.Paratunki, volcanoes Vilyuchinsky, Mutnovskiy, Goreliy. In the distance are seen the top of the Avachinsky and Koryak volcanoes. The road goes south through the volcanic plateau.

    Day 2
    07:00 Breakfast
    8:00 Walking tour to the crater of a volcano Mutnovsky. The path to the crater lies across ridges Pumice. Ascent to the ridges nekrutoy and takes about an hour. With the ridge offers spectacular views of the caldera with a towering volcano in it Burnt, volcanoes Opala and Asacha. With the ridge, moving on to the snowfields of the volcano, with a slight climb, tourists come in the gorge of the river Vulkannaya flowing through the fault of the crater. River in the gorge is closed glacier. Pass into the crater of the complexities is not. Deep crater surrounded by steep cliffs. On the east side to the bottom of the crater from the summit of the volcano down the glacier. Through the ice cracks on the surface are pulled out powerful jets of steam and gas. At the bottom of the crater many bubbling mud boilers, fumaroles, beautiful native sulfur deposits. Go to the crater (6 km, 3 hours). Climb 800 m. Inspection of the crater (2 hours). Snack (dry rations). Return to base camp the same way. By the way check the waterfall in the canyon Dangerous. The excursion lasts 7-8 hours. Dinner. Drive to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

    Cost for 1 person in the group of 10-15 people: 140 EUR,


    Day 1
    7:00 Departure by car to Mutnovsky volcano, 125 km (4,5 hours).
    Walking tour to the crater Mutnovsky. Snack.
    Returning to base camp. Dinner.
    Drive to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
    Cost for 1 person in the group of 10-15 people: 85 EUR,

    The price includes:
    • meals on the route,
    • use of group equipment and inventory,
    • transportation services
    • services of a guide and cook
    • medical insurance.

    All participants must have the following camping equipment:
    Sleeping bag (with version I), hiking shoes with a solid ribbed sole, lightweight windproof suit, a warm jacket, jogging suit, raincoat, raincoat, sunglasses, sweater, 2-3 pairs of simple and woolen socks, a removable obvuv, gloves. personal hygiene items, backpack, hat, a means of protection against mosquitoes

    In the ascent may be involved organized tourist children groups (from 14 years), parents with school-age children, adults (16 years) with no age restrictions. 

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