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  • Stone torches of Kamchatka

    TOURS TO KAMCHATKASUMMER ON KAMCHATKATours to KamchatkaStone torches of Kamchatka

    Cost for one person:
    1 409,62  €

    During this tour on Kamchatka you will see the most interesting volcanoes of Kamchatka, visit the "heart "of the Peninsula, visit the amazing and fascinating place where…

    Stone torches of Kamchatka

    13 days/12 nights

    During this tour on Kamchatka you will see the most interesting volcanoes of Kamchatka, visit the «heart» of the Peninsula, visit the amazing and fascinating place, where in July 1975 began catastrophical the Great Tolbachic fissure eruption. During a tour on Kamchatka you will conquer «home» Avachinsky volcano, walk on a boat on Avacha bay, sip soup from marine fish. During a tour of Kamchatka you will have the unique opportunity to observe the flora and fauna of Kamchatka. The best time for the tour to Kamchatka is from July 1 to September 15.

    Dates of the tour to Kamchatka «Stone torches of Kamchatka» in 2011:










    Meals on tour: full board, food is prepared on a fire or gas stove.
    Cost of the tour to Kamchatka for 1 person in the group is: 50 000 RUB,


    The tour program on Kamchatka

    Day 1 Arrival in Kamchatka. Meeting at the airport Yelizovo. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (40 min). Accommodation at the hotel. Bus tour (by request of tourists).
    Day 2 Breakfast. Free day. If you want, you can make a helicopter tour to the Valley of the Geysers and the caldera Uzon (total duration of 7 hours) with the current flyby Karymsky volcano and crater lake volcano Small Semyachik. Hiking to the Geysers (2 miles, 2 hours) and mud boiler (1 km, 1 hr.). On the back way, landing on the river Zhupanova — lunch and bathing in hot springs. Return to the hotel. Transfer to the heliport is for the add. price.
    Day 3 Breakfast. Departure by car to the volcanic plateau at the foot of the volcano Mutnovsky (120 km, 4 hours). On the way: visiting Viluchinsky Falls (walk 3 +3 km, 2 hours). Rest and dinner at the foot of the volcano Viluchinsky. Accomodation in a camp near Mutnovskaya GeoTPP. Evening walking tour of fumaroles on the hot springs Dachnye (4 km, 2 hours).
    Day 4 Breakfast. A walking tour in the crater Mutnovsky. Deep crater is surrounded by steep cliffs. On the east side to the bottom of the crater from the summit of the volcano the glacier goes down. Through the ice cracks on the surface powerful jets of steam and gas are pulled out. There are many bubbling mud boilers, fumaroles, beautiful native sulfur deposits at the bottom of the crater. Passage to the crater of 6 km, 3 hours. Climbing 800 m. Inspection of the crater (2 hours). Snack. Returning to the camp. On the way you will check the waterfall in the canyon Opasniy. The excursion lasts 7-8 hours. Dinner. Overnight in tents.

    Day 5 Breakfast. Departure by car to the foot Gorely (12 km, 0,5 hours). The ascent on Gorely is easy and runs on the lava flows and slag fields. The difference in height is about 900 m. The ascent takes 3 hours. Snack. Inspection of the main craters of the volcano (1-1,5 hours). The ascent takes 6-7 hours. Return to the camp. Dinner. Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. On the way visiting the Upper Paratunskiye sources.
    Day 6 Breakfast. Transfer to the pier. Sea voyage to Avacha bay to the rocks «Three Brothers» with access to the Pacific Ocean to the nesting of seabirds. Bird colonies, sea fishing, fish soup (5 hours).
    16:00. Departure under Avachinsky Volcano area volcanic plateau between Avachinsky and Koryak volcanoes, located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level (50 km 2,5-3 hours). Accomodation in the hotel. Dinner.

    Day 7 Breakfast. Climbing on the volcano Avachinsky occurs along the western slope of the volcano and ridged crest of an ancient stratovolcano. The steepness of the slope in the apical part reaches 30 °. There is wonderful view from the top of Zhupanovsky group: volcano Kozelsky, the vast Pacific Ocean, a massive cone of Koryak volcano. At the top you have a snack, visiting the crater. The length of the ascent  is 8 km. Duration of ascent is 6-8 hours, the descent takes 3-4 hours. Dinner. Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

    Day 8 Breakfast. Departure from the city on a car in Kozyrevsk (500 km, 10 hours). On the way we do a stop in the village Milkovo (lunch in the cafe). Ferry across the river Kamchatka. Accommodation in private hotel. Dinner.
    Day 9 Breakfast. Departure by car to Tolbachinsky dale (80 km, 4 hours). Panorama of Klyuchevskaya volcano group. The path runs through the magnificent coniferous forest, lava flows, wade across the river Tolbachik. Setting a camp. Lunch snack.
    Departure by car to northern cones Tolbachinsky fissure eruption of 1975 (radial route with climbing and exploring the crater of a volcanic cone, where until now there is a manifestation of volcanic activity) (5 hours). Returning to base camp. Dinner

    Day 10 Breakfast. Departure at the foot of the volcano Flat Tolbachik. Climbing the volcano Flat Tolbachik (3085 m), 7-8 hours. Inspection of the crater. Flat Tolbachik differs vast area apex, which is occupied by a shallow caldera diameter of 3.7 km, filled with ice. In its western part situated an active crater. The depth of the crater about 500 meters, a diameter of about 1700m. There is a panoramic view of volcanoes Klyuchevskaya group and more distant from the top. There occurred the famous Big Tolbachinsky fissure eruption of 1975-1976 years. Lunch. Returning to base camp. Dinner

    Day 11 Breakfast. Departure by car to the tract of «dead wood» (15 km, 1 hour). Radial pedestrian route to the southern cones and lava flows Tolbachinsky eruption in 1976 with the ascent of the volcanic cone (16 km, 6 hours). Lunch. Departure to Kozyrevsk. Accommodation in a private hotel (80 km, 4 hours). Bath. Dinner.
    Day 12 Breakfast. Drive to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky with a visit to Hot Springs Malkinskiye (600 km, 12 hours). Accommodation at the hotel.
    Day 13 Breakfast. Visit the fish market. Purchase of souvenirs. Transfer to the airport.

    WARNING! If the weather conditions are bad, the tour can be changed.

    The price includes:
    • 3 meals a day throughout the tour;
    • guide services throughout the tour;
    • cook services, throughout the tour;
    • basic equipment (tents, etc.);
    • transport services (bus, car);
    • accommodation at the hotel and tourist shelters.

    Additional charges:
    • Purchase of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes;

    • purchase of souvenirs.
    • meal in hotel;
    • tourist equipment rental;
    • Food in the hotel;
    • helicopter excursion to the Valley of the Geysers and the caldera Uzon (25000 rubles, the price of 2010);
    • tickets (economical to buy in the winter, a good price).

    Recommended equipment:
    • Backpack (60 — 100 liters);
    • sleeping bag, camping mat;
    • hiking boots or rubber boots;
    • removable shoes (sneakers);
    • personal hygiene items, bath accessories;
    • jacket with hood;
    • sweater fliska;
    • sunglasses;
    • Headwear;
    • lantern;
    • gloves;
    • telescopic stick;
    • Personal first aid kit;
    • spray for mosquitoes.

    On any questions of organization of the tour to Kamchatka, please contact the agency 'PIONEER TOUR'. Our company is one of the few companies in Moscow, which has its own office in Kamchatka, own equipment (from rafts to cookware) and all-terrain vehicles (KAMAZ 43114). The Agency offers commission — 10%.

    Moscow office

    pl. Tverskaya Zastava, 3, off.235
    (499) 250-93-47
    (499) 575-02-60

    ICQ: 349504203 Ilsiyar
    Skype: pionertur


    Kamchatka office

    sity Elizovo
    Zavoyko st., 6

    +7 924 689 25-55

    +7 (415-31)7-17-67 Daria