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  • Lake Kurilskoe – volcano Ksudach - Khodutkinskiye hot springs

    TOURS TO KAMCHATKASUMMER ON KAMCHATKAExcursions on KamchatkaLake Kurilskoe – volcano Ksudach - Khodutkinskiye hot springs

    Cost for one person:
    600,00  €

    Departure at lake Kurilskoe, landing at the cape Travyanoy or mouth of the river Ozernaya, walking tour, overseeing salmon and fishing bear.

           Lake Kurilskoe – volcano Ksudach — Khodutkinskiye hot springs

    7 hours
    Dates: July-September, on a set of
    Minimum number of people in group: 18
    Cost for 1 person: 600 EUR, 

    Tour program

            Largest Kuril lake is the second largest fresh water lakes of Kamchatka, but the value and beauty it has no equal. The depth of the lake is 316 meters. It was formed more than eight thousand years ago in a powerful eruption, which was the beginning of emission of white pumice.

            Panorama of the lake is unique. On all sides it is surrounded by majestic volcanic cones. Shore and underwater slopes are steep and rocky. Lake is fed by numerous mountain streams, mixed with the waters of hot springs. It follows the same from him a little freezing river-headed. In the midst of spawning, in late summer, around the lake there is the highest in the world of the concentration of brown bears.
    The flight to the volcano Ksudach, landing in the crater of a volcano tour.
            The whole upper part of the Ksudach (1080 m) occupies a vast caldera oval 7h9 km, formed the strongest eruptions, which formed as a result of the construction of several calderas.
           The entire eastern part of the caldera occupied by two lakes — Keyword and Shtubel. The key has an elongated shape size 4x2 km. Almost all sides it is surrounded by steep walls up to 500 meters. Lake has no public drainage, and water filtered through a jumper that separates it from Lake Shtubel having a length of about 2 km. Ksudach is one of the most exotic objects in Kamchatka, has been declared a natural monument of landscape and geological nature.
    Flight to Khodutkinskiye springs, lunch, bathing with hot river.
    They are located on a vast, surrounded by forest clearing. From scattered it funnels hot water going into the creek. The water temperature reaches 80 ° C. The temperature in the deepest part of the river in the summer is around 42-43 ° C. Khodutkinskiye springs are a natural monument.

    — Return to Yelizovo.

    Departure for the excursion is from the airport Avachinsky (Elizovo), located 30 kilometers from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

    Transfer to the airport and back is for additional cost.

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